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051 – real sex education for men with Alex White

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A healthy diet of nature and sex

There’s something about nature that always brings me back to being centred – to feeling peaceful, or at the very least, brings me back into a clearer conversation with myself.

It’s as if it’s a reminder of our very humanness – being in the arena we lived in and evolved via for millennia.

While talking about ‘nature’ can conjure up hugging trees, it can be a very simple, actionable and tangible way to improve one’s life.

That’s what I found with this week’s guest – Alex White.


Alex is someone I’ve known for a few years through a different lens – that of a sex and intimacy coach for men, but with a shift in his work and geography to retreat space owner and nature-based guide, this conversation covered a few enlightening topics and down to basics strategies for slowing down and getting grounded in one’s self.


In this episode:

We explore some of the work that Alex is doing and facilitating in his nature retreat, including some of the simple things we men can do now to support our nervous system and create a calmer and better relationship with ourselves and those we relate to. 

We also take the tangent into sex and go exploring one of the topics I think most of us have varied but generally speaking poor experiences with; sex education.

Alex takes on a journey of essentially what wasn’t so great that we learnt, where that has taken us as men and individuals and what could be a more effective way of being educated in sex.


I trust you’ll find something to learn and help shift some awareness in you, as well as some things to go and action in this episode.

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Alex’s Bio:

Nature-Based Guide and Retreat Manager

“I am driven to create spaces of love, love of nature, each other and one’s self.

My life is directed towards being a nature guide, super dad and creative adventurer. A former digital strategist and art teacher, I hold a variety of skills that combine to offer uniquely intimate experiences. With training in movement, meditation, massage and coaching I enjoy 1:1 and group facilitation focused on somatic awareness and play. My being and the land I care for are cultivated to guide people towards deeper relationships with their own body and its natural state of expansion and creative expression, all with the support of and connection to our natural world.”

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