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050 – Changing your relationship to money with Selina Gray

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Create more wealth by changing your story around money

Money – we want it, we like it, it makes the world go round. Right?

Well, what can be seen as an incredibly simple thing to survive and thrive, money tends to hold some real deep anchors for most of us.

Personally, I grew up with the idea implanted in my bones that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and that having a lot of money is something that happens when you either get famous and ‘succeed’ or become a doctor or lawyer.

Over time I have had to change my idea around money, the stories I hold about money, and how I actually relate to and with money.


What am I talking about? Well, do you save or spend? Do you value it or vanish it? Do you earn it but never seem to have any of it? Do you place your worth in it and only feel like you are valuable or successful when you’ve earnt a lot of it?

Do you even allow yourself to enjoy it?


Or is most of your life spent earning more money to create more financial freedom but never seem to feel like there’s ever enough?


On this episode:

This week I have brought on one of the best minds I have seen, heard, and worked with (she is my money coach) when it comes to understanding money and our relationship to it: Selina Gray.


In this episode, we dive into one of the big ways in which the money story plays out for men, and that’s in our need to provide and often specifically provide financial security.

Selina takes us into various examples and avenues of breaking down the old stories money have had in our lives and how to better understand it to create a better relationship with it.


It’s easy to say “I just need more money” but for many people, we get more and we lose or spend more. Selina helps us explore why we do what we do with money and invites a healthier way to let money come to us and detach our sense of self worth from money.


I loved this chat and find the exploration into money to be one of the stickiest conversations for many people, which, by default, means it holds so much power over us. Until we can talk about with ease it, we can’t feel free with it. Selina helps us get closer to that place in this episode.

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Selina’s Bio:

As a CPA, CA, I was a firm believer in the hustle. For nearly a decade, I worked 100+ hour workweeks as a Controller for two internationally traded public companies managing 30 finance ninjas in 12 countries worldwide.

My life was centred around praise, power, & managing hundred-million-dollar plus budgets. It all came crashing down one day –  I ended up with a lengthy hospital stay & an auto-immune disease. I was burnt out & it was my wake-up call to find my highest self & ultimately change my relationship with money.

As a Business & Wealth Mentor, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs build multi 6/7 figure businesses to liberated richness: more profit, more joy, more freedom. Your Revolution awaits. 

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