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049 – Creating a brand for men from scratch with Luc Wiesman

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Creating a brand for men from scratch

Many men dream of leaving their job to start something new, maybe even a business.

But then we’re faced with the reality of leaving something secure, a solid paycheck and our basic survival needs taken care of.

These two things can often wrestle with a man’s desire to apply himself to something meaningful, challenging, and inherently his.

There’s something about building or creating your own thing that speaks to so many men.

But the risk of leaving behind the safe and secure can be all too overwhelming, to the degree that many men just stick with what’s safe.

Not today’s guest. Luc Wiesman started a website ‘in his parent’s basement (in the home he was renting off his parents) directed at giving men all the cool shit we often want; watches, travel, fashion, popular culture, cars. You name it, Dmarge became one of the first homes for curated men’s lifestyle content in Australia.


On this episode:

Admittedly by Luc, the site was first a way to get invited to cool events, it soon became a realistic avenue for leaving his well paying job and putting all of this creative drive and energy into something entirely his.

In this chat with Luc we explore some of the specifics of leaving his job and stepping fully into his own gig, and the journey Dmarge has gone on as a brand from cool shit for men to intentionally choosing to be a site of all things for men.


This final piece really chooses to draw a line in the sand and say men need to be able to access content of all sorts including for our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

And so, Dmarge has evolved to really be FOR MEN.

And, as it turns out, this evolution has somewhat mirrored the evolution Luc himself has gone on.

In this chat we also explore his own deep dive into himself, finding himself on a retreat with 25 strangers diving into his deepest shit and coming out the other side so much better for it.


This chat brings a range of things from leaving a cushy job to taking on something with more purpose, to facing your shit and learning to have more compassion for our fathers.


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