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048 – Why men must hit rock bottom

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When things have to change – the necessity of rock bottom

Rock bottom is a term we usually associate with absolute destruction and utter worst-case scenarios.

It’s a place we have to get up from – ‘the only way is up’ from there, as the saying goes.


Yet, for many men, rock bottom isn’t waking up under a bridge covered in your own shit and piss and vomit having burnt every relationship you’ve ever had. For many, it’s a very different, sometimes far more subtle, nowhere near as full-on place where simply something has to change.


But for so many men, we must reach our own point of rock bottom in order to make a positive forward-directed change.


If what we’re suffering through isn’t as bad as we think doing something about it will be, we won’t do anything about it.


And that is what I wanted to explore in this episode.


In this episode:

I explore the idea of rock bottom, how we have almost romanticised it and why it takes hitting our own version of it for so many men to do something about the shit that isn’t working for us.


I’ll break down some of the societal beliefs that impact this and offer a solution for how to reframe the mindset that takes us there and how to get out of it.


I trust you will learn something from this and invite you – no, challenge you – to do something meaningful with this information. It needn’t be climbing the mountain in one go, as I discuss in the episode, but something towards a fuller, richer, stronger, more alive you.


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