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047 – Just Be Nice with Josh Reid Jones

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Beyond being nice – how to do good and make an impact

“Just be nice” – an often used sentiment that can, well, often lack depth.


Statements like ‘just be nice” or “don’t be a dick” lack any understanding of why someone might or might not be those things.


It’s the same as saying “eat less if you want to lose weight” – sure, thanks for that, I had somehow missed that food is a major contributing factor to body weight.


It has no attempt to understand the behaviour behind it.


Everyone knows being nice is a good thing.

Everyone knows not to be a dick, not to lie cheat and steal, everyone knows not to fight people for a few potentially hurtful words.


Simple statements risk being shallow and hallow.


This is why when I had on today’s guest I had to put this to him; Josh Reid Jones – Founder of the Just Be Nice Project.


In this Episode:

Josh is a wonderfully insightful, determined, huge-hearted and nice man. Not to be confused with a ‘Nice Guy’ (a differentiation we explore in this episode).


In this chat, we dive into the origins of the Just Be Nice idea as well as the organisation that, as Josh states it, is the only one in the world breaking down the real ins and outs of making an impact and helping organisations (and people) work out how to make the most impact in the community.


This goes beyond the tired and cliched model of charity – something Josh breaks down in a deeply accurate and wonderfully worded call out of charity style advertising and money-raising model.


We explore Josh’s take on making an impact in the world, starting with one person.


And we look at the pyramid of being nice, starting with ‘being nice’ then to ‘being really good at something to ‘doing good’.


This was a fascinating chat in which I really enjoyed diving into the next piece with Josh.

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Josh’s bio:

Josh Reid Jones is a social impact professional and social entrepreneur.  He is the founder of the Just Be Nice project with the aim of changing the way that people help people; until they are housed, employed, and have positive mental health outcomes. Josh has been relentless in his pursuit of creating an environment that ensures people in need get the help that they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it, regardless of how they come to need help. Josh works daily to engage businesses, schools, organisations and communities in the process of creating extraordinary positive change in the world, through making ordinary positive change. Educating and engaging people while managing the resources necessary to ensure that everyone has assistance into housing, employment, and positive mental health outcomes. A non-executive director of one of Tasmania’s largest social service providers Colony 47, a member of the board of directors for the Port Phillip EcoCentre, an RUOK Day ambassador and recipient of a range of awards and scholarships for outstanding contributions to social impact and non-profit leadership, Josh is committed to improving and expanding social impact and equality of opportunity both domestically and abroad.

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