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046 – Finding Purpose in Community with Nick Bradley-Qalilawa

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What purpose we can learn from the village life

Some voices just have weight. Some people do. I am blessed to have plenty of people in my life whose voices carry weight. Certainly to me.

One of those is a friend of mine, Nick Bradley-Qalilawa.

Nick is someone I’ve had on the show before, in episode 14 where we explored Race and Racism in Australia.

I always enjoy chatting with Nick and get so much insight from him – because he’s such as insightful dude.


Lately, I’ve been watching some of his adventures in Fiji – a place that is very much home to him as a half Fijian Australian – he has been back in his village with his father.

And this was, in part, what I wanted to explore with him today – what we can learn from village and community life in our fast paced and ever-growing world.


In this Episode:

Something we touched on in our last chat, Nick and I explore the juxtaposition that has often been a throughline in his life: being half one thing and half another; European Australian and Fijian. Footballer and university student.

We explore how this can actually work, as it does now for Nick, as a bridge between those two worlds.

With this, we explore some of what Nick and his father are doing in bringing the villages of Fiji to meet the technology and opportunities in Australia and the ‘developed world’ and what we can also bring back and revive in our world that Nick’s village still very much has.

In this, nick shares some wonderful and inspiring stories of growing up in small-town Queensland and the kind of community that was, to the point that Barry from the local footy club just doing his thing played a monumental part in Nick becoming the man he is today.

There are wonderful lessons in stories like Barry’s for us men striving for purpose in our lives and how to be an impactful and useful members of community.

It doesn’t have to change the world but it might just change your world and the lives of people in your world.


We also touch on something that is an every-increasing reality for many men: sharing a huge part of life with an ex-partner. For many that is co-parenting and striving to do so with a healthy relationship with an ex and parent of children in the middle of a break-up.

Well, for Nick it is a business that he still runs with his ex. A business the two of them co-founded that serves a lot of people and would be heavily impacted if they ended it or could not relate amicably and maturely.

I sense some great takeaways in this piece alone for many guys listening.

I trust you will get something from this conversation. Please share it with someone you think would enjoy, benefit from, and potentially be lovingly challenged by its content.

As always, if you have questions out of it – ask me. Hit me on social media @mikecampbellmc on Instagram or @Mike Campbell Man Coach on Facebook.


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