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045 Navigating crisis, uncertainty & adversity with Lance Burdett

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Understanding the brain to better handle life’s demands

Imagine getting the news that your busted shoulder will, in fact, need urgent surgery. 

Then getting in the car and going straight home to get on a podcast interview with me.


Well, that’s what today’s guest did, despite the frustrating situation he found himself in. Actually, it’s exactly who he is that allows him to navigate shit like that and still have a great conversation. 


⁠I’ve learnt a few things about myself over the years. One of those is to write things down that pop into my head, or I’ll likely forget them.

Circle back to September 2020 and I heard someone on a radio show podcast and thought – ‘this dude is switched on, I need to get him on the podcast’ – so I wrote down his name and the date of the podcast.


Then forgot about it. Then I heard him again on the same radio show in New Zealand a few weeks back. I went back to my notes, found his name and the episode and listened to it again and in that moment stopped what I was doing and searched how to get hold of Lance Burdett.


I dig some digging, reached out, got a response, we booked a time and then I thanked my previous self.


I reached out to Lance because I wanted to explore his vast experience and expertise in navigating crisis, the brain, and being an ex-top cop negotiator for the NZ Police.


In this Episode:

Lance and I start off by exploring some of his history, having left a secure job in the police at 57 to start his own business consulting on navigating tough situations and building genuine resiliency.


We have a conversation about how as the top crisis and suicide negotiator he was, in fact, himself, suicidal.


Lance is real, raw, extremely well-spoken, smart, likeable, and great to have a chat with about the brain, about men and seeking help, and navigating lifes’ tough situations.


I enjoyed this chat.

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Lance’s bio:

Following a successful career in construction, Lance Burdett spent 22 years as a cop and became the lead crisis negotiator. He trained in New Zealand, Australia, England and the USA with the elite units of police, prisons, emergency services, the military, and the FBI. Lance has an MA majoring in Terrorism, Safety & Security, a Diploma in Policing, a Diploma in Business Studies, and is completing a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. He published the bestselling books – Behind The Tape and Dark Side of the Brain – and is writing a third book about anxiety. He also makes regular media appearances.


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