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044 – Coaching Men with Mike Campbell

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Coaching men to access their potential

Here’s something that comes up a lot in my work with men – the idea that guys are and feel the need to be a ‘Lone Wolf’.


We have glorified the idea of a man being entirely self-sufficient, never needing anyone or anything, no weakness, no whole in his wide and expansive capabilities.


Because if you’re not a lone wolf, well, you’re weak, you’re pathetic, there’s something wrong with you, you’re less of a man.


Let me put my hand up right now and say – what total bollocks.


At best a Lone Wolf fights to survive. Just to survive. 

So as a Lone Wolf, when you take on that identity, what you’re signing up for is at best surviving. 

And when you’re in survival mode, you can’t have a very rich, fulfilling, rewarding life because all you’re doing is fighting off death. Because at best he survives. At worst, the lone Wolf dies. Whereas the pack thrives.


And that is what brings me to the podcast episode I have recorded for you today.


After many questions about this and butting up against it first in myself for many years and now in countless me in my work, I have developed an ethos that centres around being in a pack, i.e.e having other good men in your corner as you work on yourself.


And so, I have addressed this idea and the questions I get about coaching men.


In this Episode:

In this solo episode, I speak to the idea of the ‘Lone Wolf’ as well as how I go about coaching men in this way.


I dive into the work we do in my major caching program ELA – EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY and make the case for not only why everyday men can benefit immensely from being in a like-minded community of men, but why it’s so immensely enriching and fulfilling.


For me, there is no more meaningful way to make a living providing for my family and making a difference in the lives of men that enter my coaching world.


I trust you take something valuable away from this episode. Please share it with a man you think could benefit from it also – especially if you’re thinking about a man who you suspect could benefit immensely from this work, then this can be a nice intro to the idea of letting the Lone Wolf identity die off and becoming stronger as part of a pack.


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