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040 – Getting to Zero Conflict with Jayson Gaddis

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How to work through conflict in your high-stakes relationships

Name one thing people avoid probably more than most other things.

The plague – definitely. Not really Covid – although, we have become a world of attempting to avoid that at all other costs. I mean, it is the new plague, really. 


I digress.


I suppose you could say walking into traffic. Perhaps putting metal in the microwave. Things like these do have undesirable consequences, no doubt. But what I’m talking about is more mundane yet wholly impactful on our lives.




Tell me you’ve never avoided conflict and I’ll tell you you’re lying.

Go on, tell me… ahhh.


Okay yeah, so conflict is something we simply do not learn how to manage, navigate, and handle.


Yet, it’s one of the more common elements of being a human, especially a human who is in relationships with other humans.


We avoid it. We butcher it. We create it unnecessarily. We get stuck in our heads about it and create conflict there instead of just having conversations with people.

All in all, it’s something we could do with some more education on.


Luckily for you, me and everyone else – there are people skilled in and specifically working on helping us understand and navigate conflict with ease.


Enter Jayson Gaddis, founder of The Relationship School, and now the author of the BRAND NEW book (like right now it’s being released – get it here first).

His book is called ‘Getting to Zero – how to work through conflict in your high-stakes relationships’ – funnily enough the name of this episode too.


In this Episode:

Having Jayson on the show has been a desire of mine for a while, and the timing of his book release was too good a chance to pass up.


You can probably imagine that we discuss conflict in this episode, and we do. However, we also dive into Jayson’s own story of one relationship ending after another frustrating relationship ending that sparked the curiosity in him to explore why that was happening and uncovering how his way of relating was central to that.


Jayson’s own lessons can teach us a lot and we dive into that. While we also cover aspects of conflict and a wonderful topic I just loved – choosing to be the relational leader.


I personally learnt a bunch from this conversation and am looking forward to reading the book to explore conflict management strategies for myself and my relationships. After all, if we don’t learn this, we are choosing to continue patterns we learnt along the way to this point in our lives and relationships and choosing to suffer the same consequences.


I trust you will get something from it – as might a man in your world, please pass it on to anyone you think will benefit from it. 


As always, if you have questions about it – ask me. Hit me on social media @mikecampbellmc on Instagram or @Mike Campbell Man Coach on Facebook.


Get Jayson’s Book here right now.


Jayson’s Bio: 

Jayson Gaddis is an author, relationship expert, and coach who teaches people the one class they didn’t get in school – “How to do Relationships.” Jayson leads one of the most in-depth and comprehensive relationship training and trains coaches from all over the world on how to be relationship coaches. 


Jayson has thousands of fans and followers across multiple channels. He’s the host of The Relationship School Podcast with over 4 million downloads (and over 330 episodes). He is also the visionary behind The Relationship School®. His book Getting to Zero will be out in fall of 2021.


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