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036 – The failure in personal development with Henare O’Brien

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How chasing personal development can take you backwards

One of the things I’ve often seen in the world of personal development is men coming in to do some work on themselves and to ‘grow’, but a lot of that is being driven by a desire to become more immune to judgement.


We get into the work so that we can become more approvable to others, therefore, less open to some kind of hurt, rejection, judgement, wounding.


This is not and cannot be the aim – for that is just attempting to create a shinier veneer, a more presentable and approval armour that we still hide behind.


The aim has to be self-acceptance – the full spectrum acceptance of all of you, including the parts we might have shoved (or have shamed) into the shadows of my existence.


This idea of what might be a pervasive side of the world of personal development, and potentially what some may be building a business on is a topic close to the heart and mind of this week’s guest, Henare O’Brien.


In this Episode:

This week we discuss some of the darker sides of personal development, some of the, well, let’s call it what it seems to be – hypocrisy in those at the top of this world, those espousing the loudest voices in personal growth.


We explore some of Henare’s own experiences in this world and their impact on him.


We also enter into conversation about men, about what he thinks is falling down in the support of men; too much-telling men how to live and not enough integrity in showing them through lived example.


I have to admit, some of this conversation challenged me and some of my beliefs. I feel I could have dug into this more and challenged Henare more on it – but this is me being a human and using hindsight. Alas, I didn’t, and so the conversation here is what it is!


I trust you will get something from it – as might a man in your world, please pass it on to anyone you think will benefit from it.


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