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032 – Divorce, Co-parenting, & owning your shit with Pete Tansley

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How to navigate divorce, co-parenting & business

There is an increasingly common theme with some men who reach out to me and that I work with. Not all, but the numbers are steady. And that is men who have either divorced or separated from their children’s mother and now living in a whole new set of experiences.


Not only is there the man wanting to heal old relationships and potentially the wounds and mechanisms that played out in that relationship, but there is navigating fatherhood with a new and challenging set of parameters.


Co-parenting means communicating with the person with whom you have had a relationship end, often times a messy breakdown. It also commonly means part-time solo parenting.


This can be an incredibly challenging situation to get through, especially when you add in the very human desire – at some point in time – for a new relationship and other life-consuming things such as work or business.


Enter this week’s podcast guest, Pete Tansley.


Pete is a friend of mine, a wonderful business coach for fitness professionals, maker of tasty margaritas, and divorced father and co-parent of 8-year-old twins.


In this Episode:

In today’s episode of the podcast, Pete and I explore his story of parenthood, the details around in that pertain to the relationship between him and the twin’s mother at the time, and his business; a place of additional stress and reprieve from both fatherhood and marriage.


Pete shares generously his experience, his challenges, and some of the areas he dopped the ball. We also look at where he’s got to now in terms of his own growth and awareness of past mistakes and future relationships.


We also explore some of his brilliant business and personal development philosophies that can definitely buck the cliched trend.


I enjoyed this chat with Pete, and think there will be some solid takeaways for not only those men in similar situations now and previously, but men with relationships and businesses.


As always, if you have questions about it – ask me. Hit me on social media @mikecampbellmc on Instagram or @Mike Campbell Man Coach on Facebook.


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