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026 – Why you can’t get your shit together (and how to)

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What is stopping you from reaching your potential

The realm of personal development has a few different worlds in it. One of those is the idea of just being better ‘ #liveyourbestlife – which tends to focus on just following your dreams and passions and being positive all the time.


Unfortunately, for many of us, this sets unrealistically high expectations and ultimately encourages the by-passing of shit we actually need to learn, sit in, process, and move through. As a result, we often spin in feeling like a failure, beating ourselves up and trying hard to be overly positive despite shit potentially going as well as am arm being chopped off.


Closely related to this world is the idea – heavily favoured by men – of simply focusing on the strategy to move past what is frustrating us, the strategy to create new results and outcomes.


The challenge and weakness with this are immense but often subtle; if we only focus on moving forward without understanding and being able to overcome what led to us being in the place we want to move beyond, we will tend to have short bursts of success until the underlying issues inevitably resurface.


Enter – YOUR SHIT. This is what is happening in both of these situations; we’re trying to ignore and avoid our shit.


Doing that only emboldens in to have a more insidious and frustrating hold over our lives.


Shit unaddressed and unmanaged will pull the strings.


That is primarily a lot of my work with me; making sense of their shit, changing the relationship to it, owning it, moving past it, and overcoming it so that we get out from under its thumb and replace our thumb on its head.


That’s what this episode is about – why you struggle to get your shit together even though you really want to.


In this Episode:

In this episode, we explore some of the reasons why we – especially as men – struggle to get out shit together even though we know how it’s playing out, we know what we want and what we need to do.


We’ll explore some of the ideas that see us stubbornly stick our head in the sand with our shit, hoping it will just magically disappear and life can be grand.


We also explore some key foundations for how you can actually and finally get your shit together.


Where this brings us to is this – I have launched a brand new course for exactly this: GYST 101 – Get Your Shit Together – a 3-week accelerator course in life and shit for men who want to make their shit make sense, stop sabotaging themselves, and finally step into their potential.


This is a punchy 2 weeks – not only, but long enough with concerted application to make a DENT in your shit ad in your life.


It would be easy for me to create a course of 6 weeks, or longer – to really do longer-term work on your shit, but here’s the kicker – for most men our shit is the thing stopping us from working on our shit.


The more barriers to starting the less likely we are to starting.


So, GYST is 3 weeks – a 21 day push to make a monumental difference in your life.


You can apply yourself for three weeks, right?


It starts TWO DAYS from the time you purchase and enrol. 


Spots are open NOW – and we have an initial availability of 100 places for men finally ready to stop feeling like they need to get their shit together, fed up with struggling to get their shit together, men finally ready to stop hearing from the people in their lives “you need to get your shit together” and actually DO IT.


SIGN UP HERE or send this on to a man in your life (or sift it to him – just $247 AUD for lifetime access to the content and live coaching support with me.


Where to find out more on the course – including ALL your questions (FAQ at the bottom of the page)

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