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025 – Getting your money shit sorted with Dan Harrison

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Getting out of $500,000 debt & turning your life around

I’ve been working with men for a long time now. Specifically in the realm of helping them mentally and emotionally to get their shit together for 9 years. Before that in the physical sense – but always essentially mental and emotional sense – for 8 years. That’s 17 years and counting in working with men to understand and overcome their shit.


There are common themes, no doubt. Relationships are a huge one. Career enters a lot. Body stuff for sure. And then there is how they feel about themselves, which usually boils down to one thing – their worth.


How we see our worthiness is a giant subject. One we often screw up in the personal development world, in my mind. But what’s important to note is this – it touches and impacts everything in our lives.


One of the biggest areas that we struggle to connect to – even though part of the clue is in the fucking title – is money.


It is frighteningly common for men to have shit around money and that having a direct connection to their own worth.


It usually runs something like this:


The more money I have, the more worth I have, the more worthy I am.


After all – money is something we place worth into. And for so many men it means we place our worth as a human into the money we have – or don’t have. This doesn’t mean money is bad, it simply means it is a beautiful lens from which is see a bunch of our own shit.


Shit that holds us back from a few monumental things: feeling worthwhile, like we deserve to be happy as we care, and actually gaining and maintaining money.


If I don’t believe I have worth then it will be hard for me to hold onto something of worth. And so, I don’t.


Enter most guys money shit (and their own shit).


And so, for this podcast, Enter Dan Harrison.


In this Episode:

Dan is a man which a hell of a story when it comes to money and shit. From working $8’hr and being $500,00 in debt to a complete turn around earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and coaching financial advisors, Dan has been through the wringer with money and come out the other side to totally change his relationship to it.


We explore this story, his journey and how he got to the other side of such a massive debt at just 22 years of age.


What I really enjoyed in this conversation with Dan is his candid nature in exploring some old wounds, as well as his ability to take us through the mind of a young man working his way out of such heavy shit – “A bone-crushing mountain of debt” to use his words.


Very shortly, potentially by the time you hear this episode and read these words, I have a new course for men in navigating life – GYST: Get Your Shit Together 101. It is designed to make your shit make sense, stop sabotaging yourself, and step into your potential.


Your shit might sit squarely in money, or it might sit elsewhere. Either way, this course will support you in understanding, owning, and growing past it. You can view it on my site here (if live) or email me at to get front of queue access to one of the limited 100 initial spots.


As always, if you have questions about it – ask me. Hit me on social media @mikecampbellmc on Instagram or @Mike Campbell Man Coach on Facebook.


Dan’s Bio:

Dan Harrison is an Ex CFP turned course creator and online business mentor to Intuitive Entrepreneurs.  He specializes in authentic selling, relationship-based marketing and transformational leadership.  He was a top producer for one of the largest asset managers in Canada, is the Co-Founder of SOGO and creator of A Course in Conscious Wealth.  He is a certified trainer with Bob Proctor, Gabby Bernstein and is a Certified Business performance coach and digital marketer with The Fletcher Method.


For years he was hiring and training financial advisors to become top producing agents..  Nowadays you’ll find him speaking at conferences, hosting masterminds, leading men’s groups and spending time with his wife and daughter – all while mentoring today’s top emerging intuitive entrepreneurs and teaching them everything he knows about entrepreneurship, social good and life.


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