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024 – Building curiosity & chasing your dreams

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Moving from corporate life to following your dreams

I have worked with many men over the last decade. I have worked intimately with many and spoken with, answered questions, supported and given requested advice to many more.


There are themes that arise and remain across numbers like this – certainly in the ones that seek me out (or have the courage to do so, at least).


One of those themes is a desire to get more from life – knowing there is more available but not necessarily knowing how to access it.


What accompanies this for so many guys is a current experience of feeling somewhat stuck like they’re cruising along in neutral – moving but not really going anywhere.


For many of us, we look at the big things in our life and think something needs to change; relationships, career, and health are a few of the big hitters.


An important note here is that sometimes it’s all of these, sometimes it’s none – it’s inside us that needs to be addressed and change created.


For the countless guys that look at their work and think one or both of these things:


  1. This isn’t for me, I can’t do this forever, I need to do something that brings me purpose and fulfilment. What do I do?
  2. There is this specific thing I know I need and want to be doing with my life and career. How do I go about doing it?


This step from leaving a secure job to step into something more meaningful and purpose-driven can be a pipedream and an overwhelmingly daunting concept.


It can be a mixture of taking risks and being responsible. 


And it can certainly help to have the examples of others who have done it to learn from.


That’s one of the major things we visit in this episode of the podcast this week with the one and only Sylvester McNutt III.


In this Episode:

Sly is a remarkable man. Full of curiosity and wonder, his story has many elements and journeys. One major thing we explored in this episode is his shift from working in corporate America to becoming a full-time writer and now the author of eight books.


None of it was handed to him on a platter. It involved working his job and working on his passion when he was able to. Backing himself, building momentum and evidence across time for the idea he had.


We explore this journey for him and now some of his journey in healing the relationship with his father to now becoming a father and some of the things he learnt and mistakes he’s made.


I enjoyed this chat getting to know more about Sly’s story. Sylvester is someone I have gotten to know via his content and more recently, in a group of like-minded men who connect regularly, his huge heart and determined head, this chat has some wonderful takeaways for those listening, not just those wanting to make a change in career.


SLy has a huge library of work to support you in knowing, loving, and becoming yourself in a richer and more meaningful way.


As always, if you have questions about it – ask me. Hit me on social media @mikecampbellmc on Instagram or @Mike Campbell Man Coach on Facebook.


Sly’s bio:

Sylvester is an 8-time author; his most notable books are Care Package: A Path To Deep Healing and Free Your Energy. He created the Build Your Boundaries program where he teaches how to build healthy and effective boundaries. To date, he’s recorded over 100 episodes of the Free Your Energy podcast. Go here to learn more about his books, here to see his courses, and here to see his essays.

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