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023 – Authenticity and Initiation with Rainier Wylde

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Understanding our authentic self from the masks we wear

There’s this saying “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”. While that might be tentatively attributed to Confucius originally (from this author’s Google search) and many people thereafter, I like it but wouldn’t say I take it as gospel.


Cognitive Intelligence is one thing, emotional is another. I suspect we can always learn something from other people, be it something in them that creates a reflection and learning about ourselves, or some unique piece of information that person happens to know, regardless of how they score on an IQ test.


However, there’s a room I regularly sit in where I have a clear understanding (belief) that I am most definitely not the most intelligent person in the room. I am often in awe of the gentlemen who sit around me and the conversations we have. I learn a lot from being in that room; about the world and myself.


I bring this up for two relevant reasons; one, my guest today – Rainier Wylde – is a mutual friend of many of these men and it seemed a natural link to have him on the show. And two, sitting on the conversation with Rainier I instantly felt like “yeah, wow, there’s no way I am the smartest man in this room!”


What unfolded was a wonderful conversation where I was repeatedly left collecting my thoughts from Rainier’s wonderful insights and storytelling.


In this Episode:

Rainier has such a wonderful and varied background, from being the son of the travelling televangelist to a life of highs, lows, and diving deep into psychotherapy especially around identity, that we immediately had to explore this idea of authenticity.


Rainier brings his immense storytelling prowess – or as he describes it ‘a daisy-chainer of words’ – to break down understanding what is the set of beliefs and stories we live and think is ourselves and what is actually our deeper essential self.


This then takes us into a conversation around initiation, specifically male initiation, as we dive deep into evolutionary chat for me to sit back and geek out on.


Rainier has some brilliant, poignant and funny insights that I think you’ll enjoy taking on board. Plus his voice is that of someone who watched his father preach to the masses for many years; smooth and lovely to absorb.


This conversation was a joy to have and I hope also for you to listen to. It’s a slightly longer one as I simply had to let it flow where it flowed.

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Rainiers bio:

An experienced teacher, writer, and speaker, Rainier has embraced life for all that it is. He has celebrated its highs and learned from its lows. He has managed a Fortune 500 company and built businesses, he has also elegantly blown them up, burned them down, and started over from scratch. Through the various positions he has held, he has discovered that life must be claimed to hold any worth. His work is to inspire others to live fully and deeply in the here and now.

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