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022 No one is coming to save you

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2021 goal setting to fix your own problems

Human’s evolved to be in community with others, to be supported by and be in support of other humans, to build relationships, to problems solve, to hunt and cook and sing and dance and share stories and experiences.


We are social creatures. You are a social creature.


Yet, when it comes to the stuff that challenges you, the things that hold you back, that keep tripping you up, there is a universal truth that actually negates this point for a very important moment; no one is coming to save you. 


No one is going to fix your shit or do the work for you, no one is going to make you do the thing you need to do.


And even if they did, it’s not really yours at that point – if they do it, you don’t own it.


That is entirely disempowering.


One can lead a horse to water. One can attempt to force the horse’s head to the water. But one cannot, no matter how much one tries, make the horse drink it. The horse must do the drinking itself.


Hello, hi – you’re the horse. We’re all the horse.


We can be supported and helped, we can be guided and poked and challenged into action, but we have to take the actual action.


In this episode:

And this is what brings me to this week’s solo podcast episode – whatever it is you’re challenged by, whatever displeasure or struggle you’re experiencing if you are waiting for someone to come and rescue you and do it for you – you will be waiting forever.


In this episode I explore this idea, however, I do it off the back of a comprehensive list of questions to support you in getting to that point.


What you’ll see in this episode is a list of questions to help you break down and review 2020 and then plan out 2021.


So yeah, it’s the end of January already, but I suspect many people listening to this episode (reading this) might not have done something as comprehensive as this. It is never too late to do this stuff, seeing as the date is arbitrary anyway – start today and review back 12 months from this point and then plan 12 months forward from this point.


Because here’s the thing – if we don’t review and plan in this detail – we will continue to have lives that are vague, unclear, and frustrating.


Once you’ve done that, well, you’ll know no one is coming to save you and you’ll be int he best position to take the necessary steps forward yourself.


THEN if you feel the need for some external support, if you think the step you need to take is to then join a community of men and coaches that can help you implement all of the stuff you plan, then the fastest and most serious of you can act NOW – I have three spots left in the February intake of EVERYDAY LEGENDS ACADEMY – as of publishing this. However, it is highly likely they will go quickly – so click below, book an initial application query call and lets you and me see if me and my team can be the guiding hand once you take the step.


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