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017 How men can connect to their emotions with Kristian Stephan-Martin

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Connecting to your heart – Emotional Intelligence for men

There is this consistent thing that happens with so many of the men I work with – a journey in understanding and processing their emotions. 


For some guys, it’s because they’ve shut off that side of themselves for so long – hearing terms that shame tears, emotions, or any kind of sensitivity will do that. And anything we shame and hideaway will atrophy, it will die off.


For these guys, it is a whole new and terrifying thing to connect to their body, to their emotions, and to their heart.


Some other guys identify with being more sensitive but in reality have this kind of over-sensitivity where they feel their emotions, even express them, but they have poor management of them.


And so, in understanding themselves, in really becoming the everyday legend that they can become – first for themselves and then for their partners, this journey is often necessary.


It can be daunting, confusing and fucking uncomfortable.


And I’m fortunate to have an ace up my sleeve on this in my coaching program – today’s podcast guest: Kristian Stephan-Martin.


Beyond being a wonderful Relationship, sex & self-expression coach and remarkably talented dancer, Kristian has a skill in helping men drop into their hearts and really understand their feelings so they can learn, process, and move ahead in life.


That alone was reason to bring him onto today’s episode.


In this Episode:

We get started with a personal story of Kristian’s, looking at what brought him to this place and this work. He shares a very personal story of early childhood trauma and how this massively impacted his belief about his manhood and masculinity, ultimately becoming a large catalyst for him exploring personal development and men’s work.


We take his own journey and expand that into the world of men getting into their hearts in order to understand, process and figure out their emotions. His analogy of emotions being like a ‘GPS’ system is something to listen out for.


Kristian has a cool concept of ‘Championing yourself’ where you both play you in that moment and the supporting father in the corner you need. A wonderful way of working through something new, uncomfortable, and challenging


I trust you will get something from this conversation. Please share it with someone you think would enjoy, benefit from, and potentially be lovingly challenged by its content.


As always, if you have questions out of it – ask me. Hit me on social media @mikecampbellmc on Instagram or @Mike Campbell Man Coach on Facebook


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