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005 Rating Women: Do men do this?

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Do men really think like this?

In today’s episode, I explore a question I received a while ago from a woman wanting to understand some of her man’s behaviour.


I made a Q&A video about it where I came in with some HEAT, essentially saying – “No, men do not think, speak or act like this, boys do.”


This garnered a lot of comment and attention – questions, affirmations and confusion from some guys. 


So in this episode of the podcast, I expand on that point that “No, boys think like this” and discuss what I mean by that.


We look at how that comes about and why. I cover if you do this and what to do about it. This ranges from reacting in the moment, getting defensive and a reactive eversion to being made to be wrong.


This is a lesson into how there can be a huge chunk of our behaviours are still ruled by the boy we were – the little guy whose job really was and is to try to keep us safe, but how in that adolescent state he kind of misses the mark now. As such, we start the conversation on how it’s now the mature adult man’s job to do this, to take care of him and to lead with maturity.


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