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004 Mick Bani Indigenous Initiation & Finding Identity

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A Personal story of Culture & Initiation

This episode with Mick is a powerful journey into Indigenous Initiation. We explore what this can look like and what can happen when it’s absent. That example coming directly from Mick’s life and lived experiences.


We journey into his youth and where the absence of access to his parents or mentors to guide him took him into early adulthood. So he began to chase something; belonging and a deeper understanding of self.


I enjoyed this conversation immensely, as we explore some of Mick’s personal and cultural philosophies that now manifest in the work that he and his wife do.


I felt privileged to interview Mick for his first podcast and gain these insights into a rich culture and some of the initiation that takes place. It certainly got me thinking about some of the monumental gaps we have in today’s culture and the African Proverb that springs to mind:


“The boys we don’t induct into the tribe will burn don the village”


Where and how are we doing that?


Have a listen to this episode, I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the above.


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Mike’s main lessons/takeaways:

Mick has this beautiful presence. It’s something I’ve only ever experienced with him because I met him after a huge shift started. It’s interesting that he referenced that – a point where he recognised the need to find that version of him. He knew it was there somewhere, hidden, unexplored.


I took so much from this talk and this point in tuning in to what we really already know a lot of the time. However, sometimes we need something to trigger us into action, as well as mentors, guides, and practise. Especially if it can come from those into the community who have been through it.


Mick’s Bio:

Mick Bani comes from the tribe of Wagadagam, located on Lag Mabuyag, Western Torres Strait.


He is the co-founder and co-director of Kayin Revolution; a social enterprise that provides innovative, hands-on services and programs, allowing men and women of all ages the space to discover self-identity and connectedness within the realm of their own inner compass.


Since leaving his island home for the first time at the age of 13, his journey took him along the east coast of Australia from Torres Strait to Sydney.


An opportunity came knocking on the door which led him to play in the National Rugby League (NRL) for clubs such as Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, North-Queensland Cowboys and the Canberra Raiders.


Through his professional football and part-time acting careers, along with his own personal and family experiences of living in a remote Indigenous community, Michael wholeheartedly and openly shares inspirational messages of his life’s journey, and all the struggles and triumphs that he has endured along the way, that leads to the development of mental strength and self-awareness. 

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